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Change…..It Happens!

For some time I have been considering changing to a  “” site because of the .org’s ability to upload “plugins” and “themes”.  If you think I know what I am talking about – think again!  I am clueless!

BUT here’s what I do know.   I wanted some “bells and whistles” on my website that I was told I could not get on the .com site.  Also, I have combined all of my blogs into ONE blog – with different categories.   So, if you subscribe to “Journey to the Land of Purple” it will be a “category” under the “Seven Pillars of Success” blog.

If you would be so gracious to head on over to my NEW site… to subscribe  I will dance at your wedding!  (or your next anniversary if you are married – or your birthday if you never plan to marry!)  But I do need to warn you that I am not that coordinated and don’t really dance – so it might be more like a jig or something!

And what about you?  Do you have or for your blogsite?  And why are you happy – or unhappy – with what you have?

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